Bateman Competition

I was selected as a team member to represent the University of Oregon in the PRSSA National Bateman case study competition.  

Ask: Create a start-to-finish campaign for With Purpose, a national nonprofit that aims to raise awareness for the lack of funding and research in childhood cancer. 

Challenge: Over half of our survey respondents and focus group participants in the University of Oregon community said that they were hesitant to discuss or advocate for children’s cancer research online to due fear of discussing it wrong. 

Goal: Increase awareness on the University of Oregon campus about the lack of safe and effective cancer treatment options for kids while providing students with tools to enact change within their own communities. 

Role: I researched, designed and developed a social presence for our campaign on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that connected with our audience in a way that breaks down barriers we found in our research. 

Evaluation and Measurement: 

Objective: Increase awareness of  With Purpose and its cause and achieve 3,000 social media impressions throughout the duration of our campaign

EXCEEDED: Garnered 21,828 social impressions and 2,460 engagements. 

Objective: Inspire 250 students to take action by taking our pledge throughout the duration of the campaign or register to join the National Bone Marrow Registry, a tangible way to support childhood cancer patients. 

EXCEEDED:  A total of 298 students signed the pledge and the 55 attendees of our Party With Purpose event signed the pledge or joined the National Bone Marrow Registry.