Greenhill Humane Society PR Plan

prdeliverable4-1Last spring a group of classmates and I developed a PR plan for Greenhill Humane Society to help combat its issue with overpopulation of cats during the shelters busiest time of year. The plan included the desire to increase adoption rates and provide adequate materials for animals using the facilities.

Greenhill is the largest animal shelter in Lane County and relies solely on donations and service fees to operate its facilities. Due to mild weather, Greenhill is experiencing an overpopulation of animals in their shelter, specifically cats. Greenhill takes pride in providing the highest level of care to its animals. The facility is committed to animal welfare and safety, and to ensure that the permanent placement of Greenhill’s animals is the best fit.

Greenhill’s number one priority is to give its animals the best placement for forever homes. Greenhill is always seeking new ways to fulfill adoption needs, donations and assistance with its facility. Financially stable families with an active, open lifestyle are the ideal audience for adopters and volunteers.

In order for our team to Increase the adoption rate of families with children under the age of 12 by 20%, provide animals a perfect home through a media relations strategy. To reach families with young children, Greenhill should invite The Register Guard to an event called “Reading for Pets.”pr-deliverable-gh-poster-3

To the left is a Print Ad for a Pet and Learn event held at the University of Oregon in order to increase Greenhill’s college and student volunteer base by 10% within the calendar year. The strategy is to send out an invitation to local news stations and invite them to watch a “Pet and Learn” event at the University of Oregon.



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