Why Big Wild Is the Hottest New EDM Artist

Every artist has his or her moment where everything changed. The moment in a musician’s career where they finally realize that they made it. Big Wild just had his with the release of his new EP, Invincible. Invincible was a career defining moment for the Massachusetts-born guy inspired by Hip-Hops finest when he released the EP on February 10. Invincible takes a mix of both an old school approach and one that parallel’s the electronic vibe and connection he has with his crowd at festivals.

In an interview with Martin Rickman, a reporter from UpRoxx, Stell shared his on the approach of his newest EP and his relationship with ODESZA, Foreign Family Collective, and his journey through the festival circuit. The musician said this:

“I’ve learned a lot from being out and performing all these shows, from small shows to big festivals. I’ve picked up some ideas on how to connect with crowds through my music. I wanted some of that to translate in this EP. I wanted to keep things fresh sounding and unique. That’s always been a staple of my approach to making music. There are also a lot of other things I tried to do differently on this EP too, like working with singers and getting into songwriting. This was my first foray into that sort of thing. I really wanted to test myself too.”

And that he did. Big Wild collaborated with artists such as iDA HAWK and Yuna with five tracks that play just like his sets and mixes that connect his festival crowd. Invincible is the 12th release from Foreign Family Collective, a musical outlet for visual artists created by ODESZA.

The five-track set features very different sounds that mix Big Wild’s hip-hop instrumental and electronic sound. Stell will also be initiating the Invincible Tour this spring all throughout North America.

What is different about Big Wild is his ability to connect his music to his audience and listen to his fans. From his hip-hop instrumental “Throw Some D’s” By Rich Boy mix with Venice Venture to listening to his vocal talent in his remix of “Hey Mami” by Sylvan Esso where he whistles the beat to the American Horror Story theme song, the kid has raw talent.

After seeing Big Wild on New Year’s Eve weekend in South Lake Tahoe as one of the headliners at SnowGlobe Music Festival, I can vouch that he is a talented, passionate person who wants nothing but to move forward with his career. Invincible will allow Big Wild to do just that, and I know everyone left remembering the musician’s performance as one of the best sets of the weekend. I know I did.

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