What Chance The Rappers 3 Grammy’s Will Do to Streaming Music

Chance the Rapper just left the stage ending after an iconic rap performance of “No Problem,” a song about his success as an independent artist making it in the music industry without a record label. Chance won three Grammy’s for best rap album, best new artist, and best rap performance.

Now the Grammys is making streaming-only albums available for awards consideration. Chance, real name Chancellor Bennett, has made history tonight by winning a Grammy for best rap album and the first album to reach #8 the Billboard 200 list as a streaming-only album.

The star won for “Coloring Book,” an album about how much he hates record labels and best rap performance with “No Problem” about his success as an independent artist with no a record label. In the acceptance speech of best rap album, Chance thanked his brother, rapper Taylor Bennett, and shouted out independent artists.

In the speech, he said, “I just want to say thank you to my team for being here. (Expletive) this is crazy. Thank God for this. Damn, I’m shaking, this is crazy. Thank you, everybody, for supporting me… I love my family, I love God and I love music. Thank you guys, “after accepting the award.


SoundCloud, a music-sharing platform, is popular among new and independent artists. Chance has over 1 million SoundCloud followers and has uploaded more than 70 tracks on the service. Of course, the platform had a response for its music-sharing poster child.

“This is for every indie artist,” Chance began. “Shouts out to SoundCloud for holding me down. It’s another one, baby!”

Chance won the Grammy for best rap performance for his performance of “No Problem” with 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne. An artist signed with a record label would never be able to release an album like this for free, but Chance did. The album is widely considered to be one of the best of the year so far.

Chance winning best rap album is a turning point for streaming of music. The convenience and discoverability that users enjoy are now spilling over into the music. An album like Coloring Book changes the game for streaming services and independent artists.

Chance performed “Sunday Candy” and “Paradise” from “Surf” on “Saturday Night Live” on December 15, 2015. He was the first unsigned artist to do so. Chance the Rapper is only 23, and he’s running out of barriers to break.

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