Social Media and Music: It Sticks

Have you ever experienced a moment with hundreds of people that have somehow managed to bring you all together? Have you ever listened to a song and it has brought you back to a specific time and place? Think of your favorite song. Does this song bring back good memories? Did this song help you through some bad times? Do you have one in mind? How does it make you feel?

Well, I have. If you are not able to relate to any of the descriptions above, I am truly sorry. Music, to me, connects people from all over the world in ways that words simply cannot. As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow puts it, music is the universal language of mankind. There is something about music and the way that it can make so many people feel so many different ways that make me want to explore it indefinitely. If you can connect with someone over music, you can connect with him or her with almost anything else.

As a public relations student, I am interested in exploring the connection between social media, influencers, and the online market and how it has affected the music industry in recent years. Because of my interest in this, I have decided to make them the theme of my blog from here on out. All my previous blog posts are course archives from previous classes and I am going to leave as-is. However, from here on out, the conversation has changed.

In our day and age, access to the Net is so easy that virtually everyone is a social media user or influencer. Something I hope to explore in later blog posts is how impactful the online market has been in the music industry. Am I confusing you? See how Firefly Music Festival was one of the first fan-curated festivals, and how successful it has been because of that.

When fans get to have a say in what music they want to see and what other factors go into their venue, the responses are faster and more effective to reaching specific markets. Why would you not want to hand pick the artists, food vendors and entertainment at their next festival? The fun is just getting started.

Now, I will not only be posting blog materials about music; however, that is my forte. I will be writing two blog posts a week, one of my instructor Kathryn Kuttis’ kernels, and the other of my choice.

I hope to provide my readers with a new and unique perspective on many of the topics that I dive into on this journey into the blogosphere of media, entertainment and the online market that is beginning to control it.

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