Tidal: Visual Communication

Opportunity: To raise awareness of the issues artists face from streaming services for a hypothetical client, Tidal. 

Approach: After extensive research, I was able to design an infographic to educate consumers in order for them to make conscious decisions that support both artists and the music industry. 

Outcome: The client would have posted this infographic on social media to visually show the effects on artists from streaming music. Below is a presentation to students about Tidal and how it is a platform created by artists for artists as another option for students when streaming music. 

Key Messages: 

  • 1,200,000 streams a month for an artist to earn minimum wage.
  • Taylor Swift, the highest paid musician in 2016, took her music off of Spotify.
  • On Spotify, an artist gets paid $0.0012 per mobile stream.  
  • There are other ways to support musicians.