Social Media Club

Ask: Rebuild social media club, develop brand guidelines, a digital presence and educate and engage students about digital and social media trends and industry knowledge. 

Challenge: Get students invested when there are many other competing clubs or activities they could be participating in, and getting high-quality, interesting and innovative speakers. 

Goal:  Create a visually appealing digital presence that students can relate to. 

The communications industry is evolving into a cross between marketing, AD and PR. Digital is the driving force behind the merge of three previously separate practices, my goal is to give students the opportunity to know more about the industry and become the future looking digital leaders. 

Role: As communications director, I led the communications department through a digital rebrand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Results: We have an average of 40 students coming to club meetings that engage consistently on social. We have had speakers from Facebook, Edelman, Code & Theory, Laundry Service, Go Pro and The Golden State Warriors. Currently planning our first site visit for Spring 2018.